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new to washington
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Hello all. My name is chris and I am moving to Kitsap county next month and will be living there permanently. I LOVE to elk hunt! it is my true passion among big game animals to hunt. Who lives close to kingston??? I would like to meet the elk hunters in the area. Im moving from Boise idaho because I got a job offer that is too good to pass up. Whats the Best archery shops?? thanks.

From: KhampaSports
There are a few good bowshops, but on the Kitsap side, you should be looking at Penninsula Pro Shop in Belfair. You are going to have to go pretty far to get to another one, but if you want to travel, Great Northwest in Puyallup, Lucky Shot in Chehalis, or Bigg Dogg Firearms in North Bend are all great guys that know their stuff. For 3D targets, get a hold of me at - best prices in Washington on awesome targets, clothing and more.

From: westla
van Winkels in Everett Nock Point in Montlake Terrace Riverside in Mt. Vernon

From: Z-man
Hi Chris, If you are interested in meeting other archers and bowhunters you may want to investigate or join Kitsap Bowhunters (KBH). They have a great outdoor and indoor range and are located near Belfair, which is roughly 45 minutes from Kingston. You can find out more about the club and their facilities on their web site. You are going to miss hunting Idaho as Washington is not the best place to find big bulls. That's why we go to Idaho every year we do not get drawn for another state. Good luck in your new job.

Ed Z (Bremerton)

ill just have to do my best to enjoy hunting in washington.

From: westla
Washington's not that bad if you're not a trophy hunter like I'm not.

From: b0w_bender
looks like you are a short ferry ride from the Nock Point Archery Shop.

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