Whitetail outfitter in NW Ontario
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From: Bownarrow
I am looking for a proven archery outfitter in NW Ontario. Does anyone have recommendations based on experience? My hope is to shoot a 150"+ whitetail. Is that realistic in NW Ontario? Thanks in advance.

From: recurve40
You may have a tough time with that...far as I know a lot that are there cater to rifle hunters but you may find someone in the Ontario Out of Doors forums....the belt around Ottawa can be pretty hot too...theres a few running around that size where I hunt..good luck!

PM sent.

From: jax2009r
go to the Ontario big buck forum(google it)...there is a guy from Rainy River named Shane....smaller outfit but his clients always shoot great deer....he knows his shit. there are a few good guides that post there....

i have hunted this area for 10 years non guided

Forum name is Ontario Trophy Bucks


From: jax2009r
Jeff Gustafson Outdoors www.gussyoutdoors.com https://twitter.com/GussyOutdoors https://www.facebook.com/gussyoutdoors

this guy is really good. Ontario is in for a big winter kill this year .....not sure I would book this year.....

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