Do you have a spot?
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DC 07-Dec-13
stkshtr 09-Dec-13
From: DC
I have found a spot that, "So Far" every single time I have hunted this spot I have at least seen deer. It is basically a travel corridor.

Deer have come from every direction down into this bottom and then will travel it to one end or the other. They don't linger around this spot so when you see one it is a 30 second deal which can make for a long sit and you must stay on your game or you will completely miss them when they come through. I have not taken a deer yet from this bottom but I have passed on more than I can remember. I have one good buck coming through now. He has shredded a cedar and a couple of hardwood saplings. This morning I thought I was going to get him when I heard a truck door slam, crank up and drive slowly by. He slipped back out and an hour later I came home.

It is bordered on one side by a farm with cattle and the other side is a huge strip pit gorge that makes it impossible for them to cross. At one end are green fields and a clear cut, and on the other end are thick small pines next to a hardwood drainage.

Do you have a spot and what makes it the "spot"?

From: stkshtr
My spot is affectionately called "killer tree" and I can almost always count on having deer in bow range if I hunt there. It's a creek that has been clear cut on both sides and I am in the hardwoods along the creek. I have killed many deer out of that stand and they continue traveling through there.

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