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Pig hunting on public land
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Whiterock 10-Dec-13
Whiterock 18-Dec-13
DC 19-Dec-13
Whiterock 20-Dec-13
DC 20-Dec-13
Brad Millard 17-Feb-14
From: Whiterock
How is the pig hunting on the national forest land?

From: Whiterock
I am planning a trip to Alabama in late January.Is there any place you would sugjest I could find feral hogs to hunt on public land ?Never hunted hogs before would like to give it a try.

From: DC
Call Jeff Makemson at Oakmulgee Wildlife Managment Area. He is the Area Biologist.

The north end of the WMA has some National Forest and that has alot of hogs. They move around alot and are hard to find if you don't keep track of them. "He will know". Very nice guy to talk with and he is doing a great job. Tell him I said hi.

From: Whiterock
Thanks for the reply. I will give him a call.

From: DC

From: Brad Millard
Whiterock- did you end up hunting in Alabama?

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