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2015 Non resident help.....please
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Elknut 11-Dec-13
gamedog 12-Dec-13
Elknut 14-Dec-13
WylieCoyote 14-Dec-13
From: Elknut
Hey guys how's it going? Hoping to get a little insight and help if possible? My 2014 hunts are already setup, but I will have 4 points for Nevada deer in 2015. I'm planning to spend two weeks archery hunting deer in your awesome State.

I have been archery hunting deer & elk most of my life, but never there in Nevada. Not looking at a fully guided hunt, but would consider a drop camp hunt possibly, If I could find the right package.

With 4 points, looking to put in for an area that I can draw that has some nice bucks in remote country. Dont need a giant, but if anyone can point me in the right direction to start reseaching an area that offers a guy an opportunity to locate some good bucks I would really appreciate it. Typically, I load up a pack and hike in a few miles and hunt own my own.

Be happy to help you if your looking to hunt deer or elk in Arizona or Colorado. Thank you.


From: gamedog

1). You can't count on crap when drawing for Nevada- it happens when it happens.

2). This is the basin and range region and there is alot of ground to cover. IMO you need to have a badass spotting scope and a good meat packer.

3). In most areas in Nevada you can't out hike your scope so save the backpack bivy hunt for another state.

4). Finally use google earth, use the regulations and when you finally draw please let me know and I'll do my best to help out.

From: Elknut
Thank you very much Gamedog. Got the scope & binoculars covered, will definately check out Google earth more though. Was told the Ruby range has beemn getting hammered the past 3 years, so kinda looking for another area.

From: WylieCoyote
Joe sent Joe a PM......

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