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Help with Lodging in Sarasota area
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mnjen 12-Dec-13
itshot 12-Dec-13
From: mnjen
As part of my 9 month payback for me hunting 90 days this fall I will be taking my wife to Sarasota March 14th through the 23rd. We are looking for a small efficiency apartment. Nothing fancy just clean and close to restaurants and the beach. I can't find anything within our price range. I know it is the peek spring break season. The prices I am seeing online are $1500 for a week. Just too steep for us. I got to be able to hunt in 2014! If you know of anything please respond.



From: itshot
literally thousands of rental houses, condos, timeshares, hotels etc from Anna Maria Island down to Longboat Key

be persistent & score for your wife

I'll send PM of a possibility

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