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Brians Custom Lenses?
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Devils Advocate 15-Dec-13
BStokes 02-May-14

Anyone know if Brian is still in business or alive for that matter?

I sent him a Tru Glo Pwrdt in Sept to get a lens fitted which he acknowledged but after a few emails and a call to him in October I haven't heard back from him.

I'm hoping some MS folk can shed some light as I'd like my $150 sight back at least.

Many thanks in advance


From: BStokes
Hello DA, I have been looking for you also. I did get a message from you but I could not understand it. I called the person that sent me the scope but it wasn't you, it must have been the guy you bought it from. He didn't know how to get in touch with you either. I do have your scope and I did manage to install a 6x in it. I think you will really like it. The lens that was in it was in pretty bad shape. Please e-mail me @ or call me: 601-917-4324. Sorry for the inconveince, Brian Stokes

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