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Kentucky bound for 2014 Please Help!!
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First off let me start off by saying Happy New Years to everyone and I hope that you all had a safe and happy holiday. My new wife gave me the blessing to go on a hunt this coming season. Without much thinking I decided KY, After hearing many wonderful things about the people and land. I have never been on a guided whitetail hunt so I do not know where to begin, I do not expect to shoot a booner but hope to maybe get a shot at something larger than my biggest from CT a 132" 11 pt. Please help me find a good outfitter that can help me get the job done. After much internet research I've come across so many that look really good, but I dont know where to start and was hoping some of you in state guys had some suggestions. Pennyrile looked good but I do not know. I'm looking to spend about $2000 (excluding license) as that's my limit and hoping for a 5 day hunt. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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