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Spring Turkey Hunt in western MD?
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Whitetail 03-Jan-14
Bowhunter0132 06-Jan-14
dc-archer 17-Feb-14
Whitetail 23-Feb-14
Notnormal 23-Feb-14
Whitetail 23-Feb-14
Notnormal 28-Feb-14
gottoohunt 17-Dec-16
bear bowman 22-Dec-16
Tracker 03-Feb-17
bohunr 18-Feb-17
From: Whitetail
I'm thinking of doing a 3 day hunt with my 13 yr old son this Spring. Anyone have any insight/ guidance on where we should go. Ideally we'd like to camp (primitive) and hunt western Md. Thanks

Don't know anything about Western MD, but good luck. If you want to try and bow hunt them in central MD, I have seen flocks several times at Liberty.

From: dc-archer
Its been a few years but I use to go out to Dan's Mountain WMA, had a few close encounters but was never able to bag one. There is a primitive camp area off of HWY 220, also another down in the Savage River State Forest. I would usually spend the later part of the day trout fishing, Savage River or the North Branch of the Potomac were a couple good spots. The Casselman Inn in Grantsville also has reasonable room rates if you decide you need a bed and shower for a night. Its close to the Casselman River too, which also has some good trout fishing.

From: Whitetail
thanks dc-archer for the insight..

From: Notnormal
There is a one day youth hunt the saturday before the april 18 opener. It is for youth hunters 16 and younger and they can hunt the entire day. Do your kid a favor and hunt that day. Our group has been 100% kill on that day over the past few years. Great opportunity for kids.

From: Whitetail
Thanks Notnormal...can non-resident youth hunt that day as well? Still might be tough for us since its just one day vs. trying for 3 days mid week though.

From: Notnormal
Yes non resident youth can hunt that day. Use it as a scouting mission for your 3 day hunt. You have to do the scouting if you expect success.

From: gottoohunt
You could try Green Ridge state forest. primitive camping right in the forest.

From: bear bowman
green ridge state forest would be my recommendation.

From: Tracker
Greenridge and Savage both have good turkey populations. I have also hunted behind Rc=Rocky Gap Camp grounds and gotten into birds.

From: bohunr
Any Easter MD tips for some Archery Turkey? :)

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