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itshot 26-Jan-14
Panhandle Bob 03-Feb-14
itshot 08-Feb-14
From: itshot
xxkilla, panhandle bob and others

how's it going this year?

you should be in the thick of it now, hope to see some good pics soon

good luck


Panhandle Bob's embedded Photo
Panhandle Bob's embedded Photo
I had a nice 8 at 20 yards 2 weeks ago, but he had a broken G2 & G3 on his left side. Shot 8 does, including one in the snow & ice last week! I am hunting a tall 8 and a wide 8...hopefully they'll make a mistake this weekend.

I did kill this buck back in November...not in Florida though.

From: itshot
Nice buck PB

Hope you get that tall or wide one, or both!

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