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Truck driver- meat transport fall 2014?
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Bill in MI 28-Jan-14
Milo 31-Jan-14
Bill in MI 31-Jan-14
B2K 02-Feb-14
alaskaexpress 02-Jan-15
redwillow 01-Apr-15
From: Bill in MI
If I remember correctly, in years past some bowsiters pooled together and were able to contract a truck driver to bring meat, etc. back to the lower 48.

I believe that the driver had a semi and a regular route to at least one central location.

Anybody know of this? Hoping to bring meat home from Anchorage area around the end of Sept.

Thx Bill

From: Milo
379 Peterbilt - check this forum:

From: Bill in MI
Thank you

From: B2K
We used Mike in 2011 and we were extremely pleased. He didn't go up this year and we paid a lot more just getting capes and antlers home than we did a whole moose using Alaska meat express.

2015 hauling meat back to lower 48. hauled in 2014 under alaskameatexpress.

From: redwillow
Taking my Ford F-250 moose-caribou hunting this fall, why wouldn't that be cheaper than than truck exspress to haul my game and hides back?

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