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drop camp for caribou
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From: razorsharp
Looking to do a drop camp for caribou in 2015. I have been researching 40 mile are. they fly to area 20 B, E, and D. I belive.

Any thoughts on this service or area?

From: Steve H.
Great rep, great area.

From: elmer@laptop
40 mile air are great! I've never used them, but have a friend who uses them every other year!

From: razorsharp
Good to know, thank you guys!

From: Hugh
razor, you can also check out its and alaska based forum. Lots of good info, but some less than helpful folks as well. While I live in Alaska, Ive never used a flight service yet. Hugh

From: Reginald
Razor, Another word about the 40-mile herd hunt in area 20, in the spring/summer hunt it will close within a day or two and the winter hunt may not open. If you were going to pay the money for a service, I would hunt a different herd. For me it is only an 8 hour drive and if the 40-mile herd closes and I have not taken a moose I just go get a burger from Fast Eddy's and register for moose but if I flew in and the hunt closed the next day without a chance to get a shot off I would not be happy. Good luck.

From: razorsharp
Hmmm what dates does that typically happen?

From: John/Alaska
Well unit 20 is broken up into zones. What Reginald say is mainly true. Best if you choose zone 2 as 1 & 3 are road accessible and can close in a few days if the caribou get near or on the road. 40 mile will recommend that you choose zone 2 because of this. Zone 2 stays open a longer period usually most of the season thus its more predictable. I live in Tok, about 200 yards from the 40 mile facilty, which is about 19 miles away from unit 20.

From: razorsharp
So that is why they put hunters in 20. Very close, less fuel burned, profits go up. Makes sense. Is it common for zones 1&3 to close due to Caribou movement?

When does it typically happen? Close to the same time every year?

From: razorsharp
From Vanessa at 40 Mile.

"Zone 2 is fly-in only and there have been no issues with closures in this zone. We do not fly folks into areas that maybe accessible by other means, in other words your caribou hunt will be in Zone 2"

From: Hugh
John must be close enough to smell the pizza at Fast Eddies!

From: tundrajumper
I like their ribs better.

From: John/Alaska
Just under 100 yards as a matter of fact!

From: razorsharp
40 mile air is booked up already. Heard great things about bushwacker air out of fairbanks.

Thoughts about Aug vs sept hunts? I know the transporter will change drop off points based on where the heard will be. Weather can get worse in Sept I assume?

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