Gobble Gobble Gobble
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Swampbuck 01-Feb-14
Florida Cracker 03-Feb-14
itshot 08-Feb-14
Dollar 08-Feb-14
Florida Cracker 09-Feb-14
Swampbuck 02-Mar-14
bghunter 08-Mar-14
From: Swampbuck
Alright people 6 weeks left!! Lets see some pics. Anyone seeing birds? I had birds struting in mid January and found strut zones already, might be good this year.

They are all still bunched up at my place in A zone. Should make for a good season.

From: itshot
Should be a good Spring, seems like the turkey population is growing every year in all the places I see birds

From: Dollar

Dollar's embedded Photo
Dollar's embedded Photo
Say alot of strutting today with cloudy and fog.Lots of birds in big groups still.Seeing 6 to 8 or more gobblers together.

Less than a month away. They are starting to split up at my place and everyone is hearing them gobble. It is going to be good this year.

From: Swampbuck
Dollar what happened thus weekend ??

From: bghunter
Exactly one week and I will be leaving this hell of a winter behind and starting on my turkey slam in florida

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