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Baretta moves to TN
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C.J. Winand 04-Feb-14
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From: C.J. Winand
BERETTA, TRUE TO ITS WORD, WILL OPEN NEW TENNESSEE PLANT . . . NSSF voting member company Beretta USA has announced it will build a new $45 million manufacturing plant in Tennessee. Highly restrictive gun laws adopted in 2013 in Maryland, including a ban on the sale of some of firearms that Beretta manufactures there, caused the company to say it would look for a new state for any expansion of production facilities. "We started our search by looking only at states that have a consistent history of support for and likelihood of future support for Second Amendment rights," said Jeff Reh, Beretta general counsel. Beretta currently employs 400 workers and expects to hire another 300 for its new Tennessee plant.

From: Shuteye
My wife and I are both Baretta fans and are glad they moved. If we weren't so damn old we would follow them. Our youngest son, daughter in law and grand daughter live in Nashville.

CAn't say I blame them one bit. I lived in Annapolis for two years and worked in Baltimore. As much as we loved the area, it's just like Massachusetts, it's become the Peoples Republic. Taxes are too damn high, and Tennessee is more gun and business friendly.

Glad there gone, keep paying attention to stupid stuff like guns and meanwhile our country has been eroded down to nothing,we dint protect the future for our children and grand children all so we could retire a millionaire, or so we were told.

From: Tracker
My kids all have good paying jobs and are doing pretty good. Not saying things couldn't be better but compared to other places we have it pretty good here in the U.S. Now if we can get Maryland to vote Republican maybe we can improve it:)

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