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Roose 06-Feb-14
Gumby 07-Feb-14
oaktree 07-Feb-14
M.Pauls 08-Feb-14
Roose 09-Feb-14
Gumby 10-Feb-14
Roose 15-Feb-14
Skinner 23-Feb-14
Roose 24-Feb-14
From: Roose
Anyone finding chunks of bone laying around? I haven't been out as much as I would like but I have found one set.

From: Gumby
Been out a bit but not seeing much. Found an awesome spot with tons of beds and trails but no sheds yet.

From: oaktree
I'll keep out of the bush until spring melt way to much snow don't want to pressure the deer any more then necessary.

From: M.Pauls
I've been lucky with 6 on the count so far just on a couple main trails but besides that I'm waiting for some snow to melt.

From: Roose
I am going out tomorrow morning again to see what I can find.

From: Gumby
We have a lot less snow than you guys to the east. It's not that bad right now out here. Finding the time and waiting for the weather to warm up is what I'm doing.

From: Roose
Found one this morning.

From: Skinner

Skinner's embedded Photo
Skinner's embedded Photo
Picked up only 2 so far,late january and early february, here is the best one. The one on the right is this years the left is his from last year. Found this years about 350 yards from were I pick his up last year.

From: Roose

Roose's embedded Photo
Roose's embedded Photo
Here are some I found this year.

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