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AZ bonus point road trip
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IdyllwildArcher 21-Feb-14
Anyone in SoCal interested in carpooling to AZ to take the hunter ed class for the bonus point?

I was thinking, leave after work, drive out, get a room, wake up in the AM for the class, then drive home after the class.

Could split the cost of gas/room.

I may bring my wife and have her do the class to, in which case, you'd be on your own for a room, but we'd be happy to have you ride with us. I still have to talk with her.

From: bowhunter1
I am interested , when is the class?

There's one April 5th in Kingman which is close to the CA border.

There's an online part you have to do first, then the class is one day.

From: Win264
Good info! I might be interested in going, where is the class?

The one on April 5th is in Kingman.

I'm going to call tomorrow to get an update on when/where classes are as the AZ DFG website isn't updated beyond this month.

I was assuming western AZ would be the way to go; the closer the better. Kingman is no closer to San Diego and LA than Phoenix. Quartzsite, Parker, or Yuma would be closer if they have something there.

From: Win264
Good deal!

The only chance I get to call is during their lunch how and they don't return messages.

Gonna try tomorrow on my day off.

Ok, There's a class on Sunday March 23rd in Bullhead City and one on April 13th in Lake Havesu City.

Currently none on the books for Yuma.

To book, you have to have the online part done because they wont book you without the cert #.

Probably going to do the April 13th one. I have a friend who is probably going to go. My wife is not going.

If anyone's interested, shoot me a PM. If I end up sharing a room with my friend, I won't expect anything for gas and will be happy to have you ride along. Maybe if two guys want to go we could all make it and you two could share a room if you want.

The class is on a Sunday. We plan on leaving Saturday later in the day, spending the night Saturday night, doing the class on Sunday, then driving home right after the class.

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