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Need help planning.
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From: StormCloud
I have a friend that moved to Hawaii two years ago. Him and I have been bow hunting together for years. my wife and I are planning to go visit him and his wife. He and I are trying to find a place to do some bowhunting..Axis deer, Mouflon....Goats whatever. Im not interested in hogs.. the girls plan to shop or relax. We plan to hunt.. If someone knows an area and can point us in the right direction that would be wonderful.. If there is a bowsiter from Hawaii that wants to join us that would be great.

From: Maui Rhino
Which island will you be on?

From: StormCloud
My brother and I are getting closer to finding a spot..We will be visiting in ohau..But plan on flying out from there.

From: HawaiiGame

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Give Dexter or Jon a call on the Big Island. They manage 10,000 acres above Kona that is loaded with feral sheep. Great bow hunting as you can stalk up on the herds. The terrain is incredible.

Your wives can hang out in Kona. Nice hotels ans shopping.

Dexter 808-557-4186 / Jon 808-333-1476.

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