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Nothing on Louisiana site
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Gene 17-Feb-14
LaGriz 11-Apr-14
Gene 13-Apr-14
From: Gene
I am heading for NOLA in a few days for a long stay and I'm not finding anything on the Louisiana site. I can't believe no one is posting on that site. Can someone respond?

From: LaGriz

Check out the LTB site. Louisiana Traditional bowen that is. We have a shoot pending in May.

Also look into ARTAC in Baton Rouge, La.

They run a great shoot (3rd week of April I think) on some Boy Scout property in the hart of town. You should meet some fellow archers and some fine folks.

Hope to see you there!


From: Gene
Scott, Thanks for responding. I was beginning to think the LA site had totally vanished somehow. I did spend the month of March in New Orleans and did get in some fishing out of Barataria. My next trip to NOLA may be in early June. Thanks for informing me of the other LA sites to check. Gene

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