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Flatbow 21-Feb-14
elmer@laptop 21-Feb-14
elmer@laptop 21-Feb-14
AkBowhntr 22-Feb-14
GoneAgain 23-Feb-14
MDW 24-Feb-14
Steve H. 26-Feb-14
muskeg 26-Feb-14
From: Flatbow
who drew what? of the 12 I put in for, I got a Raspberry Is elk permit...

From: elmer@laptop
I got a denali highway caribou permit. East of the one I got last year. Hope the regular migration happens this year unlike last year. This bou permit makes my hunt for bou, moose or brown bear. Should be fun.

From: elmer@laptop
my two best friends and hunting partners got , no, no no no!!! oh well.

From: AkBowhntr
DB141 Kodiak Brownie

From: GoneAgain
zero for twenty - Son zero for ten

From: MDW
DB764, yes

DM896, yes

These applications were the result of last years hunt offered through P&Y raffle.

Wife is very excited to be drawn.

See you in Sept.

From: Steve H.

From: muskeg
Living in SE I just have never got into the draw very much. I put in for Etolin Elk for years but never drew .. it's over the counter now.

When I lived in Ketchikan I put in for the Mt Goat right above my house .. was going to walk from the house. But now I'm back on Prince of Wales and if I have to travel for Goat I'll just go to to the Misty.

Didn't even put in this year ....

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