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PRIME SHIFT package for sale
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M.Pauls 25-Feb-14
APauls 05-Mar-14
Manitoba Bohuntr 06-Mar-14
M.Pauls 16-Mar-14
From: M.Pauls

M.Pauls's embedded Photo
M.Pauls's embedded Photo
Bow is excellent condition. It is 50-70lbs and 28 1/2" draw. Different cams are available to switch draw length. Bow is whisper quiet and quite fast. Comes with spott hogg hunter, biscuit rest, spott hogg release, stabalizer, 8 carbon express REDS and the case. I'm looking for a trad bow in the 40-45lbs range so we could do a trade +\- cash or a straight $700 you can also call me at (204)688-7710

From: APauls
Nice bow! I guess it shoots too fast for you.

Buy a bow.... shoot a Booner....sell the bow...repeat!

From: M.Pauls
Ha you guys are funny when I've got the two of you coaching, I've at least got a hope in tagging out. Bow is at heights now if anyone is interested.

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