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Clubs near Charlotte
North Carolina
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HIgganumhunter 28-Feb-14
adkarcher 03-Mar-14
LH 26-May-14
Hi, I am currently living in CT but will be making the move down to Charlotte in May. I am looking for a club that's not to expensive to join. I'm into fishing, spear fishing, and basically all type of hunting (deer, turkey, waterfowl, upland, and anything new). If there are any ones you suggest please to let me know. Also the nc forum on this site doesn't seem to be to popular. If you can suggest some better ones to follow please let me know.

From: adkarcher
It is not very active at all. If you are into traditional archery, check out Carolina Traditional Archers - not a hunting club, but monthly shoots and great group of guys. I am not familiar with the hunting clubs down there. Check out, much more active.

From: LH
There is some public land in the counties beside Charolotte.LH

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