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Orlando area on vacation
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danielmckinney 03-Mar-14
Firehuntfish 05-Mar-14
bghunter 08-Mar-14
danielmckinney 30-Mar-14
I am taking a family vacation to Disney world and I would like to find something to hunt or fish while I'm in town. Is there anything going on between march and July if it's hunting it will be down with a bow

From: Firehuntfish
Hey Daniel,

There is some great bass fishing in the Orlando area. In fact, A few years back I chartered a guide that fished the lakes directly inside the park. Those lakes are loaded with nice largemouth. For that option call #407-WDW-BASS. 407-939-2277 for all the details. There should also be lots of options for guides outside the park as well. The Kissimmee(spell?)chain of lakes are some of the best in the world.

As far as hunting, you can find a turkey hunt for March/April and good hog hunting year round if you can take the heat and bugs... I'm not familiar with any outfitters in the Orlando area, but I'm sure there are a few. Possibly someone else here will chime in with a recommendation for that area. Have fun!

From: bghunter
I am going to Disney next week. Spending first 3 days turkey hunting then going to Disney.

I have fished on Disney property it is fun and what's nice is it close. I have done some research and there are plenty of fishing guides around the area and some will pick you up at your hotel.

Prices on Disney are about 225 but if you do the afternoon one it is 175. That price is for up to 4 people too so have fun

Ok thanks guys! I'll check into your suggestions.

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