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From: Az_tines
I am an Arizonan that will be hunting the big island at the end of this month. I have hunted Hawaii once before with no luck. I plan on bow hunting turkey's up on the saddle road like last time but I was also curious about some of the big game species such as sheep and axis deer. Are there any big game species in unit a and g or should I look into other areas. I would be happy to provide anyone who helps me with some good spots in AZ for elk, deer, antelope and sheep. Thanks- Steven

From: 808bowhunter
PM sent

From: Nicolai
Both A and G have pigs and sheep. I don't hunt there but I hear it's not great pig habitat so the pigs are not great eating but there are some tuskers. Unit A is a rifle areas so you'd need to wear orange even while bowhunting. There might be some sort of special seasons on pigs in unit A. Axis deer hunting is on Maui, molokai, and Lanai only. Wild cattle were open to hunting in the hilo forest reserve north of saddle road. I'm not sure if they still allow hunting for them. Lots of pigs in that same place and some turkeys in the upper reaches of the forest reserve.

From: glass eye
Nic Just the other day I saw on DOFAW applications available for the cattle in Hilo.

From: HawaiiGame

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Give Dexter or Jon a call on the Big Island. They manage 10,000 acres above Kona that is loaded with feral sheep. Great bow hunting as you can stalk up on the herds. The terrain is incredible. Dexter 808-557-4186 / Jon 808-333-1476.

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