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fishing possibility?
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keepemsharp 08-Mar-14
Maui Rhino 08-Mar-14
keepemsharp 11-Mar-14
From: keepemsharp
We are going to be on a 3-island tour later this month and will have a free day or two on Maui, any chance of booking some fishing? Not a fly fisherman and not really interested in big game fish, just like to cast and catch. thanks

From: Maui Rhino
I don't know of any shoreline fishing guides on Maui. Doesn't mean there aren't any....I don't really fish, so I'm not the one to answer this. You can try asking one of the fishing shops. I'd start with calling Maui Sporting Goods at(808) 244-0011. they should be able to help you out.

From: keepemsharp
Thanks for the help, would like to find some bay fishing, cast, hook and land, doesn't have to be big, just fun. dave.

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