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Paul 08-Mar-14
lawdy 11-Mar-14
Paul 14-Mar-14
lawdy 15-Mar-14
From: Paul
How are the moose doing this winter reading a lot about the heard

Going way down . Also read the state may drop the permit numbers To about 135 or so .

From: lawdy
Less moose in zone A where I live, but the below zero nights are going to definitely wipe out a lot of ticks.

From: Paul
That's good new , have you ever hunted moose ?

From: lawdy
Yes, years ago before they issued permits. Was not legal but we live in a very poor area. Nothing was wasted. Scouted for my brother and his son 3 years ago. He and I both are trackers and he wanted to get one by tracking. Set them on a good bull track and 6 hours later they shot it in its bed on top of a mountain. That was a drag with a draft horse, but we made it. A man willing to walk is quaranteed a moose up here. Ride the logging roads and you have alot of competition. The Grant Road off the Parmachenee Road in zone A is a good place to find a moose as there is logging always going on with a lot of browse coming in. The same goes for the Champion Road. It is gated but if you shoot a moose, there are a couple of guys up here who will go in with a horse and get it out, if you can't use an ATV. I don't apply for a permit as we all can get roadkills up here when the Quebecers fly through heading for Old Orchard Beach.

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