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Hunting Partner Opportunity - Raymond WA
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RosieMan 09-Mar-14
From: RosieMan

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RosieMan's embedded Photo
Hi, I'm new to the forum but have a unique and excellent opportunity for the RIGHT bow hunter:

1. Last year, I secured a private lease for 1000 acres of prime hunting (Roosevelt elk, black tail, cougar, black bear, etc.) on the coast of Raymond WA.

2. The property is 100% outfitted -- a large job trailer, UTV, grill, latrine, wireless trail cams, etc.. I've included a pic that shows the property and the trailer in the distance.

3. The lease is fully paid and would continue to be so for years & years to come by me.

Sounds amazing, right? Well it is. In fact, I waited over 10 years to find such an opportunity. The problem is that I am moving to North Carolina this summer; however, I fully expect to come back every Sept to bow hunt Rosies.

Accordingly, I need to find a high integrity (background check required), extremely fit, serious & successful bow hunter to become a hunting partner for the foreseeable future. This same person would have to be willing to check on the property from time-to-time, do some early season scouting (obviously, I have lots and lots of thoughts on this), and otherwise make sure things are squared away for each Sept season.

You can learn more about me here: And all SERIOUS inquires can be sent through the contact page here:



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