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Future hunters?
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C.J. Winand 25-Mar-14
From: C.J. Winand
The last USFWS survey indicated a 9% increase in hunter numbers from the previous 5-year look. This was the first increase in at least 15 years of these USFWS surveys. The USFWS survey doesn't even count kids under 15 years old because of minor privacy laws. Surely some of that increase may have been lapsed hunters, maybe some adults whose children convinced them to become mentors and return to hunting?

For at least 10 years the state FW Agencies (some of the better ones) have been on a tear to target market lapsed anglers and hunters. The theory is many of these lapsed sportsmen and women have the knowledge and equipment so a restart is easier than a new start.

I think one of the gaps in the marketing of hunting to parents for their children is the failure to promote the character development and values hunting helps instill in young people. I think a youngster can learn a lot more of value in terms of dealing with life as a hunter than as a soccer player. If parents realized the difference maybe there would be more hunter moms than soccer moms?

Character Development via hunting: -- Self-reliance -- Self-respect -- Respect for elders (if mentored) -- Self-discipline -- Work ethic -- Ability to Plan -- Dealing with success -- Dealing with failure -- Decision making -- Life and death -- Nature education -- Appreciation for physical conditioning

For sure there are some Bozo hunters out there who hide behind their six-pack (I don't mean they are in good shape!) and avoid learning all these things. But so many hunters are above average in many of these areas/skills. I think parents who mentor their children are among the very best examples of "good people" and role models for their own children and others. It is the Bozo that often times doesn't even take JR hunting or fishing because he doesn't want to forsake his own hunting or give up rowdy behavior with his hunting buddies.

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