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G.W. Flanagan bows
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From: John Ryan
I was visiting with G.W. today, and he has some mighty fine looking longbows and recurves. I'm thinking of parting with mine. It's a 3 piece takedown, 41 @ 28, 62". Osage riser with accent wood and bamboo limbs. I spied another one I like better. If any of you folks would be interested, shoot me a PM. I'm willing to travel so you can shoot it. John

From: Big Al
Curio us,Long or recurve?

From: John Ryan
Sorry, recurve.

GW makes great bows! I picked up a long bow this morning 62" 41#@28 its sweet shooting! If you get drawn to hunt Mcalister and serious about shooting I would recommend getting a bow from GW and not the local pawn. His bows are the real deal. I also have a 62" recurve 45#@28 with cocobola riser and bamboo limbs.

left or right handed

From: John Ryan
Finally moved the bow. Traded with G.W. for another one. Happy as a pig in a waller.

From: bergie
I have a GW Flanagan bow for sale that is in very nice shape that I took in on trade call 608-290-1832 for pics

From: Rookie
Just purchased a 64 inch GW longbow but I need a string ?

From: papajack
I have 3 different GW bows that I would sale. They are all nice bows, I just don't need them. You can text me at 918-630-3197 for pictures and prices if interested.

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