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FLYGUY 18-Apr-14
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Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum but not to archery.. used to shoot with Clarance Yates at the Vulcan Archery Club south of Birmingham - that goes a long way back. I'm writing today hoping that someone knows where Clarance is these days if he's still with us. Someone at Bass Pro told me a few days ago that his house burned down but she didn't know how long ago that was or where he was living. Anybody know where he is or how to get in touch with him? Thanks in advance. Flyguy

I'm a friend of Clarance Yates from years ago. The last time I talked with him he was working at Bass Pro and we had lunch together. I need to get in touch with him. If anyone knows how to contact him please ask him call Jim D at 422-5526. He knows who I am. Thank you folks.

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Private Message sent.

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