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Mentor needed!!!!!!!!!!!
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willliamtell 29-Apr-14
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loudman70 20-May-14
1st yes Username is my handle I also use it on AM NOT A TROLL. at least not like that. I am moving to Palmdale from Minnesota this month for work. I am not asking for help moving. I do need a mentor to the area for hunting. I have researched the NF's out there. Not looking for honey holes and I do have the flexibility to drive to a few hours to hunt. I have a wife and four small children so anytime I can cut out of the learning process from a mentor is GREATLY appreciated. I am a decent recurve shooter so if anyone wants to trade for lessons or they just feel sorry please PM me. Thank you!

From: willliamtell
Good luck in Cali. Lived here for decades and am going to scout/hunt(?) a new (Norcal)area this weekend . Suggest you do some 3-D shoots and maybe meet up with folks in person that way. IMO plan on learning what's what the old fashioned way - there are way too many hunters chasing WAAY too little resource. Thank the libs for a lot of that.

Thanks williamtell! 3D shoots worked great in the past. Looks like I will be doing the old fashion way. Squeezing in a Spring Wyoming bear hunt on my way out with Wyoming's Finest Outfitter. It will be real early but I kind of figured it could be my best chance at harvesting for a while.

From: TradTony
Conejo Valley Archers are having an all Traditional 3D shoot this weekend, May 3-4. Attend. I'm sure you'll meet someone to show you the way. I'll be there and we're going on a pig hunt for Memorial Weekend to Ft. Hunter Ligget.

From: TradTony
Have you found someone or somewhere to hunt?

Sent you a PM TradTony, in California now and will be out scouting wednesday Los Padres NF

From: loudman70
Username,hope you are getting some good far.The best I can tell you is drive way out in the National forest,any of them,and hike as far back as you can.Most places I ve done this I ve started seeing deer or sign or both.Eventually you will get a buck.

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