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Looking for fishing suggestions
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Fulldraw 30-Apr-14
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carcus 01-May-14
APauls 06-May-14
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10orbetter 21-Dec-14
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From: Fulldraw

I have been coming up to Manitoba (Cranberry Portage) fishing since 1993, but am looking for a closer place to bring my 13 year old son for his first trip "up north"

I tend to do the light housekeeping plan (I'm budget minded), but want him to have time of his life.

Thinking about the first week in June or so.

Any suggestions???

I would recommend Moak Lodge. The fishing is as good as fly in, but the lake is big so you'll need a good boat. Big pike and and outstanding walleye. It is about 4-5 hrs north of Winnipeg.

From: carcus
Come up in the winter and fish Lake Winnipeg for the best walleye fishing on the planet!

From: APauls
What are you looking for? Lodge? Guided? Outpost? Camping? Drive up boating? Depending on what you're after I could give you a different answer. PM me

Good luck out there Fulldraw!

From: Bear Track
Crowduck Lake would be a great place for you.

From: 10orbetter
Carcus, great ice fishing for walleye on Lake Winnipeg? Do you have to travel far out on the lake? I would come from Wisconsin.

From: carcus
You don't have to travel far onto the lake to fish, but its usually a good idea to get away from the crowds, so far this year its easy, no snow, very easy travel

Good fishing lake Dauphin walleye and northerns.

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