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CA archery elk tags, WTF???
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Anyone know why so many Tule archery elk tags were cut??? Who's decision was this???

As far as I see, we lost Lone Pine Bull, Lone Pine anterless, and Whitney bull... all the tags for the zones, one of the Tinemaha tags, and one of the anterless and either sex FHL tags, to the tune of 10 tags!

That's almost 1/2 of the Tule archery tags!

Looking at the any weapon seasons, there is no corresponding cut to tags, almost all were left the same.

I am so pissed right now! We got screwed!


The decline will continue... there's no science behind the tag reductions... read this Ed F


The decline will continue... there's no science behind the tag reductions... read this Ed F

Ok, but why did the archery tags take such a hit? This has to be a political decision.

Overall tags weren't reduced that much. There were some lessor subscribed hunts like Tinemaha mountain season 4 that were cut, but the Lone Pine archery bull tag was one of the most popular archery tags.

They even gave gun hunters an archery tag: A 2 week late sept hunt in West Tinemaha (the usual gun seasons are 1 week). This was last year, but that's an archery tag.

Does anyone know who is ultimately responsible at the DFW for signing off on these season numbers before they go to the commision?

From: TradTony
California's drought.

From: bowhunter1
Yes, i agree WOW, i had to give up getting points this year for deer so i could get a G11.

From: TaxCollector
Kinda related: This last year my buddy drew a Lone Pine bull rifle tag. On opening morning we saw what I think is a record book Elk. It had crowns on both sides (like a Stag) and was symmetrical and no broken tines. Absolutely huge! It was running (from the other rifle hunter who drew) about 500 yards away from us. Never did see it after that. Just FYI on the size of this thing.


For more on this read CBH President Wayne Raupes column in the CBH newsletter... Ed F

From: DL
Anyone know of a place that sells Drones and sidewinders? I realize that's not bowhunting but theres just too many problems in this state that arrows just can't solve. I swear that fricken wolf better never cross the freeway in front if my truck. I'll cross 4 lanes to tag that sucker. Now there's morons that schedule hikes to follow the route if that wolf. Note to self: Google Sidewinder.

If I was a property owner up there and those idiots came marching across my property they'd be hearing the song " who let the dogs out".

From: willliamtell
Where is the science? Do hunters and hunter groups get to see any of this? What about the (few) hunting-affiliated F&W commissioners - do they get to look at the date?

Hell, where are the regs? Two weeks to the deadline and I can't find them online.

The only good thing about this State is it is a real warning call to every other State and hunters in those States about how anti's operate.


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The regs are up, but I never received a paper copy this year.

From: loudman70
And they think there are alot of outlaws now!!

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