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Hunting Texas Hogs in June
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mnjen 03-May-14
hogdaddy 03-May-14
mulie_mike 07-May-14
RK 08-May-14
Ventura66 20-Aug-14
From: mnjen

I have an opportunity to hunt hogs in June. The property is located in Lavaca County Texas. I have never hunted Texas hogs before. My buddy advised me that summer months are the worst time to hunt hogs. This is a win win situation for me. My wife has agreed to come along and spend the week on the beach while I go off and chase those hogs down. I hate to turn it down but if June is a really bad time to go then I don't want to. I figured why not ask the experts here on Bowsite.

Your thoughts?

From: hogdaddy
wouldn't let the timing stop me. night hunting is best, no leaving them over night, shoot, butcher, cool, repeat. good luck

From: mulie_mike
Get after it and don't let the opportunity pass you. Take plenty of sour corn and take advantage of the night hunting like mentioned above.

From: RK

If you like bugs, snakes, and really HOT weather then June is a safe bet. Not really enough info in your post to give a real good answer to your question. Where exactly in Lavaca co? How many acres? is it set up for bow hunting right now. Near water which is a the life blood for hogs and the area has really had some drought conditions. Your wife has the right idea, beach. Reds and Trout fishing is heating up and June is a good month.

PM if you want more specifics or information on the area. I live on Padre Island which is not far from where you are going.


From: Ventura66
Lots and lots of humidity and snakes in Lavaca county in June............Dec-Jan would be much nicer.. I would also worry about getting the meat butchered before it turned..........

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