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2nd amendment...any questions?
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C.J. Winand 12-May-14
PassThrough 12-May-14
Bowhunter0132 12-May-14
From: C.J. Winand

C.J. Winand's embedded Photo
C.J. Winand's embedded Photo
Do you need any other reason to support the 2nd amendment? This weekend I did NOT go turkey hunting b/c I had another very important event to attend. I think the pictures say it all. Obviously, anyone with daughters will be able to relate!

Before your open the pics, visualize the fear in the boy's eyes when he saw me show up for the pics! Can you say, Redneck Proud?!

BTW, the pics are NOT fake or photoshop. I do own guns!

From: PassThrough
An actual photo of a shotgun wedding.

That's awesome! Beautiful young lady you have there. While I am not a father myself, I have my nieces and I treat them like my own kids. Luckily, they are still young and don't have to introduce their boyfriends to the hunter/biker Uncle.. YET. Haha.

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