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State Drawings, Heads Up
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DL 13-May-14
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TradTony 19-Jun-14
From: DL
I went to a F&W district office to get the new regs. Due to a printing issue not a F&W problem all the drawing regs won't be shipped until After the 14th. You will have less than two weeks to get your picks in. I did mine online. I always keep the previous years but doing it online is a pain in the butt. When you have other states hunts I have to look up the dates and put them on a calendar to make sure IF(haha) I get drawn I won't have two hunts going on at the same time in two states.

From: willliamtell
Here's the joke - they don't even have their regulations up online at this time. Wow, two weeks to the deadline and there's no info - you don't know district hunt dates, etc. It's appropriate the State changed the name from game because the libs are making it phenomenally incompetent.


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From: RamDreamer
Received the printed booklet in the mail yesterday.

A full week after the application deadline passed...

From: DL
I'd say unbelievable but its so believable here.

I got mine June 3rd, the day after they were due - just to add irony.

From: TradTony
I drew an A-20 tag. X Zone Mono Co, Brothers!

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