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elk season dates
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buckhorn 13-May-14
westla 15-May-14
Yendor 15-May-14
coxral 01-Jun-14
Yendor 04-Jun-14
From: buckhorn
I feel we are getting the short end of the stick on our early elk season. We lobbied for years to get away from labor day weekend and had a season that went from 8th to 22nd. This also gave us a season when bulls were more actively bugling. But they did manage to squeeze in a rifle season 3rd week of sept. in the prime of the rut

From: westla

I agree. This really sucks

From: Yendor
We said that this would be a problem when they changed it until the day after labor day. Next year it will be back on the 8th, which should help a little. But, they make it earlier, and shorter as often as they can.

From: coxral
Need REAL Hunters/Fishermen in WDFW!

From: Yendor
That would interfere with the Seattle liberal agenda.

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