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From: mixed bag
Planning on buy a license to go down for sika deer with my bow.What area of the state should I look into if I want to do some whitetail hunting?I know eastern shore is the best but I have to stay on public ground due to $$$$.Are the gamelands in western Md any good.I scouted them about 15 ears ago when I use to go down very year for sikas and had the license.The area was beautiful but didn't find much deer sign back then and its a long drive.Any decent places to look into on the eastern sie of the state?I think you have some places that require special permits.You don't have to give me specific places ,but maybe a county to start looking at would help.How is it for getting permission down there?Up here its almost impossible,and where I live the deer hunting is terrible Thanks for any help.If any of you guys know a good sika guide can you pm me his name/contact imfo??Love hunting those little deer and its been years

Don't know anything about Eastern Shore/Western MD, but as for central MD public lands.. I would recommend Liberty Reservior/Loch Raven Reservior or Pretty Boy Reservior. I hunted Loch Raven some and Liberty a good bit the first few years I moved to MD. If you put in the time to scout, you can usually get on the deer in there and it is up to you and luck to connect. However, keep in mind that it is public lands.. so come hunting season, there a lot more traffic and some bonehead hunters. I literally saw a young man in a tree stand maybe 5' from the main trail (which gets lots of food traffic due to the hikers, hunters and horseback riders) and maybe 6' up the tree. Add that he used a dolly to get his climber stand into the woods and you got a bonehead hunter. Also saw several guys once, trying to spot and stalk for deer. All well and good to give it a shot (be a miracle to get a mature deer that way I would think), but these guys sounded like a herd of elephants moving thru the woods.

The reserviors are bow only and I would recommend looking into the DNR site for the rules and regs of hunting the reserviors. Do your homework with topo maps and scouting as well and you'll have a good chance of having deer in range.

Being I have lived here a few years now, I have a couple good private land spots. I would also look around/into finding a hunting buddy to share spots with. I have found some amazing places to hunt private lands and honestly, I harvest more deer on private lands then I see all year on public lands.. less pressure, I know who/when it's hunted and pick the lands owner brain about when/where the deer are.

From: mixed bag
thanks appreciate the tips

No problem. Good luck with where ever you deceide to hunt.

From: Robhunts
I saw your post I'm always looking for private land to hunt on . I've been hunting for a long time , I started out hunting in California hunting black tail deer, a whole different kind of hunting. I enjoy Bow hunting I haven't picked a gun in years

From: Robhunts
Look into Dorchester county there are lots of public land to hunt on , whitetail and Sitka

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