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Hog hunting info
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Bennett2012 08-Jun-14
Chris Durando 09-Jun-14
Bennett2012 10-Jun-14
From: Bennett2012
Was wondering if anyone could give advice on hog hunting with a bow? Just got here today and went out on family property near Ft Pierce looked around found couple of ol tree stands found some tracks and seen one from car on the way back to house. Killed one few years ago but ol ladies uncle has since then passed away and don't really know anyone else down here to get advice from do if any can give any hints tips or info it would be greatly appreciated thanks

Hang a feeder from a horizontal oak branch, fill it with whole corn, set it to go off every night 20 minutes before dark and you'll be in pig heaven in a couple weeks! Good luck!

From: Bennett2012
Well that makes me feel lot better cause they have had 3 feeders hanging and running for several months now said it goes off at 7 am and pm goin to go out there this evening and set in stand

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