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trad hunters in norcal?
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grndhntr 26-Jun-14
DeepGreen 22-Jul-14
elkmtngear 22-Jul-14
From: grndhntr
I moved to Redding last year and was wondering if there were other traditional bowhunters here. It seems that most of the archery clubs here are aimed @ modern archers in the way they set up their shoots (ie. 100 yr. Shots, etc.).

From: DeepGreen
Yes!! I am a beginner traditional bowhunter(hopefull)living near napa doin my hunters safety class in 5 days. Just been practicing a lot w my 25pd bearpaw longbow...hopin to go for boar, turkey, elk, and deer. Saving for somethin betta in the way of bows but not until i get this one mastered. Ialso am yet to come across another trad bowhunter so it was nice to stumble upon your post....have u been hunting long?

From: elkmtngear
I live 30 miles East of Redding. There are some good trad shooters up here (I shoot a compound, but bare bow with fingers).

You should attend the Western Trail Shoot in May at Straight Arrow, it's a National event, and there are some great shooters there. Some of the trad guys were making me look stupid!

Best of Luck, Jeff

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