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A20 (X12) 2014 Deer Tag
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TradTony 04-Jul-14
BOWUNTR 05-Jul-14
TradTony 09-Jul-14
From: TradTony
Alrighty then. I drew an A20 (X12) deer tag, Mono County, Bridgeport being the dominating city. I also have a bear tag which makes my A20 tag a double whammy. Is anyone familiar with hunting the Sierra Nevada area or knows of any info on it? The zone is small by comparison to other zones but lots of country to hunt nonetheless. I need as much info as anyone can provide before my preseason scouting trip and the hunt itself. I have my map, I've spoken to the local CDFW biologist but not since I received my map. Our schedules do not collaborate. I'm hoping he will return my calls soon. Hope to get some helpful feedback. Thank you fellow brothers of the bow.


You'll have a good hunt. Beautiful muley country... some big bears too. Deer are scattered almost anywhere in the unit. I prefer to hunt up high and remote. There are no secret spots. Scouting will be very helpful. Contact SDHNTR, he knows a lot about the unit. Good luck. Ed F

From: TradTony
Good looking on the info, Ed. I was told the same thing. Feel the area and get to know the deer. Bear shot opportunity will also be present. Thanks a mill, Ed.

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