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Martin Dyna-Bo owners ??
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From: HeadHunter®
Howdy, Does anyone know of a Oil Field / Gas Refinery worker that shoots or has Martin Archery Dyna-Bo's ?? A Texas worker was in Alton / Woodriver, Illinois Refinery about 2 years ago and he bought a "NEW" Martin Versa Cam (like the old Dyna-Bo ...almost) ...anyway few were made and NONE sold to the public.....I have 2 New signed by Gail Martin "limbs" for this bow type! ...this bow ended up at Trader's Pawn Shop unfortunately through a I'm trying to track the owner down to help him out with these 2 limbs ..... Thanks for any help you can give me....I can be reached through Private Message or even Face Book under my actual name!

From: HeadHunter®
I figured it would be a 'slow-go' on responses. But I am still hopeful on finding the owner of this particular bow. A great opportunity for him .....

From: milnrick

You want to post this at the Lone Star Bowhunter website in their Campfire Forum.

From: HeadHunter®
"milnrick" ... Rick, YES that would be nice. Can 'you' do that?.... (I'm really not to 'puter' savvy.)

When I found out that the dad of my friend "sold-pawned" this bow I was heartbroken.I went to the pawn shop later on and tried to track this bow down, but they informed me they had sold it to a man from Texas here working a job at a local refinery....they didn't help me with any info other than that.

Being a 'proto-type' more or less and NOT sold to the public, and given to me by Gail Martin of Martin Archery and also signed by Gail ..... along with these 2 extra limbs I have that are also signed by Gail.... I'd like to make a offer to the Now Bow Owner to keep these limbs with the bow. (we had 3 of these bows and 2 I hunted Quebec with and shot some big Caribou with and I then turned another man in Texas on to the 2 I hunted with and they also were signed.) ... these would even fit his 2 bows he has ....I didn't keep a record of his name either. (dumb me) ....

Anyway, I got the 2 limbs and I can't use them and I'd like to help either one of these 2 men out to add to their 'collection'!....Thank You Rick!

From: milnrick
I just posted your original message on the LSBA Campfire forum.

Hopefully it'll get some traction for you


From: HeadHunter®
S L O W ...still hopeful though!

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