September Deer Hunt
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From: pathfinder

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Hello to the forum and from Kentucky. I will be hunting near Pine Falls this Sept. (7-14)for whitetail, bear and wolf.

My question is: what should I expect for Whitetail? Will they still be in velvet, typical score and weight?

Any suggestions, pictures or comments will be appreciated. I understand you cannot use scents, bait etc for deer.


From: Gumby
You can use scents but they have to be synthetic not natural. Baiting is illegal though. I'm not familiar with the area so someone else will have to fill you in on it. Hope you have a great hunt!

From: carcus
Bring a thermacell and a bug jacket, bear hunting should be awesome, bears will be concentrated around farm land, bring fishing gear just incase you tag out, good luck!

What outfitter are you booking with? Haven't they filled you in on what to bring and expect ??

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