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Hunting season extention
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bowhunter0132 08-Jul-14
gottoohunt 10-Aug-14
BadShot 19-Sep-14
Tracker 24-Sep-14
Don't get too excited, it's only for Charles and St. Marys counties, but they opened up season until 03/31 for firearms! From past questions, per DNR, firearms is shotgun or a lesser weapon.. so bow is allowed. Not sure why they don't do that in Baltimore county as well.

Also looks like there is some more Sunday hunting opportunties this coming season. That works out great for working stiffs like myself who have a M-F job.

From: gottoohunt
The only problem with the extended season is the bucks that made it through the fall and the rut and have dropped their antlers could then be shot as antler less deer and you could be shooting does that are four months pregnant and two months from dropping fawns. Sounds like a good way to ruin the good hunting we had.

From: BadShot
It's certain to be interesting! I'm a 'casual' homeowner-hunter and the deer don't really come by until mid-January; it'll be nice not to have the 31 Jan deadline to worry about. I wonder what their patterns are after that?

Hey, I'm almost certain I've seen the bows during firearm season thing stated explicitly. I didn't see it this year. Can anyone point me to section and maybe paragraph?

From: Tracker
Heard the feed stores were pushing this initiative. No idea what they could be thinking.

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