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BReichBow 16-Jul-14
LaGriz 03-Nov-14
From: BReichBow
Hey y'all. I'm completely new to bowhunting. Can anyone recommend someplace in the New Orleans area where I can start to get some basic instruction on technique, both for tracking and hunting, and the use of the bow and arrow?


From: LaGriz

I'm so sorry no one has responded to your July request. You might want to do a search for a "Bowhunters Education course" You will need this in the feature and you should get some contacts on where to get started. The bow shops in the area might recommend some thing or someone to help with your education. How about a co-worker or some one from church? any hunters even rifle hunters can help you with some basic woodsmanship. Find a track of land and get some maps of it. Remember that deer are "edge animals" so plan to find game where things change from field edge to hardwoods or hardwoods to swamp. Try to find the feeding and bedding areas and plan an ambush on the routes between them. Always consider the wind. Plan an approach where the wind does not blow your sent towards the direction you expect to see the deer. If the wind is wrong hunt another stand. Have atlest 2 plans,1 for a North/NE wind and 1 for a SE wind. Learn anatomy and shot angles. Pre-range potential shot opportunities. Practice with broadheads. Only hunt with scary-sharp broadheads and only shoot at un-disturbed deer. Then will happen! Keep a log. Learn and re-evaluate locations and equip. Get the wife and kids on board....let them watch you progress. They will be thrilled when you return with stories of success and lessons learned.

Good luck Partner

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