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Port Orchard Non Res Hunting Question
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Jeff in MN 17-Jul-14
westla 22-Jul-14
Jeff in MN 29-Dec-14
Scotsman 11-Jan-15
From: Jeff in MN
My daughter just got a job in Port Orchard and will be moving there in October. I know I am too late to apply for any sort of draw hunts this year but looking ahead I would like to start building up some preference points for a future big game hunt that I could combine with a visit to see her. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Info on any big game hunting in that general area with an OTC license would also be appreciated.

From: westla
You'll have to get a non-resident license, abut $500

From: Jeff in MN
There must be more bow hunting going on in Washington than the activity on this forum would suggest. Where do the archers in Washington go to talk on the internet?

From: Scotsman
Hey jeff, Go to Lots of activity on that site.

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