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new to bow hunting
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redneck1988 20-Jul-14
mkbowman 17-Nov-14
Bowhuntin 17-Nov-14
coxral 18-Nov-14
From: redneck1988
im 26 and from washington bothell area need some one to show me he ropes and how to tune my broadhead in so the basics stuff

From: mkbowman
Hello everyone! I am new to bow hunting and I would like to find a buddy for hunting in Seattle - WA area. thanks!!

From: Bowhuntin
Welcome to the board, for what ever reason this forum isn't very active for Washington state. I would suggest joining your local archery club and see if you can't connect with some one. Also a more active website you might illicit more of a response is

From: coxral
I agree Bowhuntin, except for, it has become very self-destructive. My advice is to google bow forums. Choose your style, compound or Trad. There are several out there. I shoot Trad and prefer Leatherwall and ArcheryTalk. Also ArcheryAddix. ArcheryAddix and ArcheryTalk cover both. And as Bowhuntin says, check out your local clubs! I live in Graham, so too far south to be of help to either of ya. Also, Youtube is pretty reliable! Good luck fellas. And welcome to the addiction! Feel free to PM me for anything! Jeff

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