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scarter7768 20-Jul-14
redneck1988 21-Jul-14
Boone 29-Dec-14
b0w_bender 06-Jan-15
From: scarter7768

I am new to Washington. I am living in the Queets-Clearwater area during the week. West Seattle on some weekends. I am from Kansas by way of Alaska the last 2 years. I have my state bear, elk, and cougar tag for this year. Any advise would be appreciated. I prefer to bow hunt but will be gun hunting this year.

From: redneck1988
i rifle hunt and new to bow hunting

From: Boone
Are there any Whitetails around Seattle area? My kids are wanting me to move there from Illinois. How far would I have to travel to get into good hunting?, elk, deer, bear?

From: b0w_bender
No, Whitetails are typically not found west of the cascades. There are some rumors that they are making their way west but for now what you will see are blacktails. Blacktails are genetically a mule deer but typically have smaller body size and smaller racks than the typical muledeer you find on the east side of Washington.

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