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need a hunting buddy
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redneck1988 21-Jul-14
Yendor 21-Jul-14
redneck1988 08-Aug-14
From: redneck1988
im new to bow hunting and i would like a hunting buddy. so i can learn things and how to do it

From: Yendor
How old are you, what have you hunted before. Where do you live. What type of outdoor experience do you have. Are you someone who likes to walk a lot, or are patient, and can wait for hours, even if you don't see anything. Patience will work better for archery, than running throught he woods. You'll see fewer animals, but they will be a lot closer.

From: redneck1988
im 26 i hunted elk and deer i live in bothell all types of outdoor experiences like desert to high country i hunted when i was 6 years old tell now i like to walk some time and set down

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