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little natches unit
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redneck1988 21-Jul-14
Yendor 21-Jul-14
westla 22-Jul-14
Bowhuntin 24-Jul-14
From: redneck1988
im looking at the unit for elk and deer this year.has someone hunted it before and had luck there.i heard that unit is crapy for hunting now.i was 5 when i was last there i just want to go back where me and my grandpa first hutned when i was a kid

From: Yendor
Little Naches is not open for archery, unless you get a draw tag. If you do draw a tag it should be good hunting. If you are rifle hunting, be prepared for elbow to elbow hunters, with many not caring that you were there first. That area is why I changed to archery 30 years ago. Too many stupid and inconsiderate hunters.

From: westla
Boy, do I agree with Yendor. I started bow hunting in 1960 after someone was shot and killed in his sleeping bag on opening day of rifle season in California.

From: Bowhuntin
Little naches is a great unit if you are after elk, the deer hunting isn't real good as the louse has taken its toll like all the other surrounding units. Just go to wdfw website and look at the harvest statistics that should give you a good idea of the quality of the unit.

If you are going to hunt it, deer is open early and late season and elk is by permit only in the early season and cow/spike in the late season.

When the little naches was open for general early season cow/spike hunts we were always into elk. Harvested a cow one year and missed a few shots the other years. The late season the unit isn't hunted as hard, seems as if most guys prefer to hunt the Nile. Never had much luck in the little naches in the late season compared to the early season.

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