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From: conner
When does the bear baiting begin and how are the apples and other natural food sources looking like this year


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You can start baiting 30 days prior to the first day of bait season. Which is August 29th-September 24th

From: Beardude08
How do I get a bear that comes in just before day light to daylight hours? There is heavy competition through out the day and I usually bait it every two days at lunch. I've also slowly started to put less bait. Any tips or tricks? I can't go everyday because of work.

From: Pi
Beardude , I don't hunt bear . I'm in eastern Ma , so please forgive me if I am off base or missing something .

Perhaps this bear is going someplace after his pre-light snack and you could meet him there. Getting to that place that is down the timeline of his travels is a common hunting issue . Where is he going to sleep it off ? Cameras along his exit rout may help put you in his daylight travel and show you where he is headed. Good luck with this .

From: bowslinger 2
New law. If you get caught baiting deer for the 2nd time, you lose your hunting lic for good in Maine.

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